What is Google Chrome - Definition

Google Chrome - is a free web browser for desktop and mobile devices. Its search engine allows us to search and navigate websites and browse content to find the information we need. Its beta version premiered on September 2, 2008, with the stable version a few months later on December 11. Initially, the Google Chrome browser was only available for Windows operating system. Google released the beta versions for macOS and Linux in December 2009. However, the first stable version where Chrome supports all three systems was Google Chrome 5.0.

what is google chrome and how to download it.
What is Google Chrome - Definition

Google Chrome

Market Share

Thanks to Google Chrome being set up as the default browser for Google services and allows installing extensions is beating other browsers constantly through the years. According to Statcounter, Google's browser was used on 68.76% of machines using the Internet in June 2021. Safari jumped into second place with a score of 9.7%. Microsoft Edge was also on the podium with a score of 8.1%. Firefox came in fourth with a market share of 7.17%.

How to download and install it

  • Open one of the browsers you have on your device (Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer)
  • Go to the dedicated Chrome web store:
  • Click on download Chrome
  • Wait for the browser to download to your device
  • Once downloaded, click the downloaded file
  • Then install the browser according to the instructions shown during the installation
  • Once you install the browser, you can use it to open web pages right away and add extensions of your choice