What is SERP - Definition

SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) - is a web page of search results generated by users and displayed by search engines in response to a specific user's search query or keywords. Google search results containing free - organic results and sponsored searches - PPC (Pay Per Click) ads. The major search engines visually differentiate certain content types such as images, blogs, news, and blogs. They are displayed at the featured snippets, for example, a Google images search.

what is serp and the serp features
What is SERP - Definition

Clicks on the results on the Search Engine Results Page.

People tend to view the first results on the first page. Each search engine results page typically contains ten organic results. According to a 2019 study, click-through rates (CTR) for the first page is as follows:

  • Position 1: 31.7%
  • Position 2: 24.7%
  • Position 3: 18.7%
  • Position 4: 13.6%
  • Position 5: 9.5%
  • Position 6: 6.2%
  • Position 7: 4.2%
  • Position 8: 3.1%

Firs 3 positions are responsible for 75,1% of all clicks.

What influences the order of organic search queries?

Google's algorithms use hundreds of factors to determine a site's ranking position. The essential requirement is that Googlebot indexes the website. The results are adjusted according to the user's browsing history, browser settings, location, and device. When displaying paid results, the Google Ads auction mechanism considers the quality and relevance of the ad and the rate per click that the advertiser is willing to pay. A significant part of organic results plays following best practices of search engine optimization and local SEO.