What is White Hat SEO- Definition

White Hat SEO (WHS) is any on-page (and off-page) optimization activity aimed at increasing a website's visibility in search results and its attractiveness to users. White SEO activities must always correspond to Google's guidelines for webmasters. Read along to learn some white hat SEO techniques that will boost your website on the search engine results page.

what is white hat SEO and why it is crucial.
What is White Hat SEO- Definition

White Hat SEO - good practices for website positioning

The use of White Hat SEO is to increase the site's visibility in search engines. Actions consistent with Google guidelines help obtain better ranking results (the best answer to the query) and make the site more attractive, which affects the satisfaction and involvement of users visiting it. The opposite of White SEO are Black Hat SEO tactics, i.e., actions against Google's rules such as spamming, cloaking, overusing key phrases, hiding content, etc. Black Hat SEO activities may result in severe penalties and, consequently, exclude the website from Google search results.

Basic features of White Hat Search Engine Optimization methods

Positioning your website according to Google's recommendations includes white hat SEO methods like:

  • creation and publication of quality content that is not duplicate,
  • optimization of text presentation (headings, paragraphs, bullets, etc.)
  • optimization of meta tags, header structure, URL addresses,
  • proper and natural internal linking within site,
  • building websites using UX solutions,
  • adjusting sites to be used on different devices,
  • optimizing page load speed,
  • using Alt attributes for graphics,
  • content marketing based on solid keyword research.

We should note that the optimization process by Google's guidelines is long but brings long-term effects. The use of prohibited techniques may get short-term results or negative effects in the form of a penalty in Google.